Our Story

Conzept is your full-service wedding design company.
We specialize in creating beautifully authentic weddings by using our creative expertise and approach. 
We focus on your unique story and transform your vision into a seamless unique celebration.
So whether your preference is for a boutique, rustic, contemporary or luxury wedding, Conzept has the creative talent to execute your vision and create a stylish, contemporary wedding that is a true expression of you.
 Begin your wedding journey with us and benefit from our unique diversity, passion and the love for what we do for you.
We look forward to speaking & collaborating with you soon. 

Your Team


I’m Marc, the creative director of Conzept with over 15 years experience in design and visual communications.

I will create your dream wedding from start to finish using my design skills alongside your vision.

Attention to detail is my ‘not so secret’ obsession and this trait is expressed in every inch of my work from start to finish.

I’m Luke, Conzept’s production director with over 20 years of experience in delivering award-winning events. 

I oversee all aspects of your wedding life cycle from concept production, wedding venue infrastructure, technical elements, safety measures and onsite execution.


Both Marc & Luke are joint partners in one of Ireland’s leading experiential agencies, MAVRIX. Together, they have created an impressive portfolio of award-winning events for prestigious global clients. Click here to view MAVRIX’s portfolio of creative brand experiences.

Together our unique combination is the perfect skills set required to create a flawlessly executed authentic wedding design experience.